How much money will replacement windows cost? 

Because our replacement windows come in different styles, colors, grid patterns, and more the best way to determine the cost is to contact a Northeast Building Products professional contractor for an in-home estimate.  In regards to timing, spring and fall are the most popular seasons for replacing windows and doors. Our products can be installed in any climate and at any time of the year. The decision is custom to your home and design

How can replacement windows and doors transform my home?

Northeast Building Products windows and doors will transform the beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home.  Our products are designed to do the following for your home:

• Increase your resale value

• Make your home more energy efficient

• Decrease outside noise

• Protect your furniture and floors

• Keep you safe

What style of vinyl window should I buy?

Northeast Building Products offers a wide range of vinyl windows to meet your needs. NBP offers the following window styles:

• Double Hung Windows

• Slider Windows

• Picture Windows

• Casement Windows

• Awning Windows

• Hopper Windows

• Bay or Bow Windows

• Garden Windows

• Special Shape Windows

• Impact Resistant

Why Buy ENERGY STAR® windows and doors?

Purchasing ENERGY STAR windows can help you save money on heating and cooling throughout the year. ENERGY STAR windows can help create a consistent temperature throughout the house season after season.


How does ENERGY STAR measure its criteria?

By measuring four different parts of the window: the glass, the gas, the spacer and the reinforcement. The combination of these factors influences the unit’s U-value and solar heat gain, both of which are drivers for meeting ENERGY STAR performance level. By adjusting any one or more of these four factors allows us to meet the new ENERGY STAR criteria.

What is window condensation?

Condensation, or “sweating” on windows, is caused by humidity or excess moisture in the air. When the water vapor comes in contact with a surface the vapor condenses. Condensation can occur on windows during the winter if the humidity inside your home is too high.

Question: How can I reduce or prevent condensation on my windows?

• Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.

• Make sure your attic, basement, and crawl spaces are well ventilated and free from obstructions.

• Don’t store firewood inside. Freshly cut wood can consist of up to 45% water,
   while well-seasoned firewood can have a 20-25% moisture content...
   all of which can be released in your home.

• Open curtains and blinds to allow more air circulation around windows.



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Why choose a fiberglass or steel door over one made of wood?
Wood doors generally require a lot of maintenance. Wood is susceptible to insect infestation, water absorption, mildew and warping. It requires painting and refinishing. Prefinished fiberglass and steel doors generally require little maintenance besides cleaning with water. Stained doors exposed to direct sunlight may require fresh clear coat every 2-3 years.

Why choose fiberglass vs steel?

Both our Steel and Fiberglass doors are structurally engineered to provide security and energy efficiency. If you like the “textured wood look” or want your door stained, you should choose fiberglass. If you like the smooth look, choose steel or smooth fiberglass. Our doors are fairly equal in both energy efficiency and security.

What are the differences between fiberglass and steel doors?
Fiberglass doors are textured to emulate Oak wood grain and can be stained or painted. Steel doors are smooth and can only be painted.

How can my door choices let more light into my foyer without sacrificing security?

If you want to add natural light to your home, choose a Full glass or ¾ View glass. This will open up your foyer to the sun’s natural light. All of our decorative caming glass is TRIPLE insulated, with the outside pieces safety tempered for added protection.

Can I paint or stain my door myself?

All of our doors come factory finished in 31 different colors and stains, painted by automated equipment and then sent through automated drying ovens. Our stained doors are done by hand utilizing trained artisans for a true wood like finish. If you don’t see something you like from our selection simply provide a swatch and we can custom match. We do not offer unfinished doors and do not recommend you paint our doors yourself.

Does my door come with hardware or do I have to purchase it myself afterwards?

All of our doors come standard with Kwikset’s premium Security Series locks including Smartkey technology. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to accent and secure your home.

What if I don’t want to change my keys and just use the ones I have?

If you already have Kwikset configured keys, you can simply rekey your new hardware to your existing key in a minute or two.

Do I have to get the same configuration I have now?

You can change your configuration depending on the size of your opening. If you currently have French doors and would like to change to a door and two sidelites, we can build to suit your needs, or vice versa. Go from a door and two sidelites to French doors.

Why should I buy a NBP entry door vs a door I can get at a Home Center?

All NBP doors are manufactured in Philadelphia with the utmost care and craftsmanship. They come prefinished, pre-hung in a factory finished frame, include the hardware and custom built to your sizing and choices. Home Center doors generally come from a mass producer in either white or unfinished, require you to finish the door yourself, and are usually only available in two or three sizes.

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What are the thickness of the glass block? 

3 1/8” (Thinline)

Can I get a window in my glass block?

We can install an optional vinyl hopper window in your glass block. The hopper opens at the top and pulls in towards the room.

What if my old window currently has a dryer vent?

We have two options to accommodate a dryer vent. We can provide a standard 4” hole in the block for you to install the dryer hose or we can install a vinyl dryer vent that also accommodates a 4” hole.

How much will my glass block prefab weigh?

The unit weighs approximately 8lbs/block. That includes the block & cement.

Do I cut the band that’s wrapped around my prefab?

Never cut the band. The unit is meant to get installed with the band around it.

How do I transport my prefab?

Never lay the unit flat. Always transport the unit standing on end.